GeoDMS Run

The GeoDMS Run is used to update tree items from a command line or batch file. To run the GeoDMSRun.exe, activate the Command Prompt Window. The GeoDMSRun.exe can then be activated from the command line. The following parameters can/need to be specified:

  • (Optional) /Llogfilename (since version 5.55)
  • (Required) ConfigFileName
  • zero or more TreeItem names to be calculated (space seperated). Multiple item names can be specified and their calculated data will be committed to the external storages if such storages were configured.
  • Examples

    1: "C:\Program Files\ObjectVision\GeoDms552\GeoDmsRun.exe" "C:\svn\GeoDMS\dev\webgen\cfg\dms.dms" /Results/pages 
    2: "C:\Program Files\ObjectVision\GeoDms552\GeoDmsRun.exe" "C:\svn\GeoDMS\dev\tst\Operator\cfg\operator.dms" /Arithmetics/plus/test_attr /Arithmetics/sub/test_attr
    3: "C:\Program Files\ObjectVision\GeoDms555\GeoDmsRun.exe" "/LC:\tmp\log.txt" "C:\svn\GeoDMS\dev\webgen\cfg\dms.dms" /Results/pages 

    The first example updates the item: Results/pages in the webgen configuration.
    The second example updates two items, Arithmetics/plus/test_attr and Arithmetics/sub/test_attr, both in the operator.dms configuration.
    The third example works loke the first example with logging saved to the file C:\tmp\log.txt.

    The quotes in both examples are needed for the file names, as spaces may occurr in these names. In the tree item names quoutes are not needed, as spaces are not allowed in these names. Note that:

  • The value for %localDataDir% is read from the registry key Software\\ObjectVision\\DMS\\LocalDataDir (default: C:\LocalData) which can be changed in the Tools->Options dialog from the GeoDmdGUI. %localDataProjDir% is defined as %localDir%/%projName% if not overridden in the config.ini, key configDir.
  • The GeoDmsGUI settings about logging as saved in the registry is ignored, use the /L option to enable logging.

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