Running a GeoDMS application for the first time

After finishing step I and II, the application can be run with the shortcut GeoDMSGUI from the menu: GeoDMS<versionnr>. The first time the applicition is run, it is not aware of the project directory (as this directory was free to choose). Therefore the application starts with the message file not found. Browse with the File Open dialog to the current directory (the cfg subdir of the project directory). Select the root configuration file of the project and click Open. The configuration is now opened and a set of items are presented in the treeview.

The last opened configuration is added to the Windows Registry (HKE_CURRENT_USER\Software\ObjectVision\DMS). The next time the same user starts the GeoDMSGUI, this configuration is opened immediately. With the File > Open Configuration File menu option a new configuration can be opened. The GeoDMSGUI.exe can also run from the command line with as first argument the full path name of any root configuration file, to run the GeoDMSGUI.exe with this configuration.

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