The config.ini file is an ini file configuring settings needed by the GeoDMS before a configuration can be read. This config.ini file used to contain more settings, but the settings that can also be read from the configuration are replaced to the ConfigSettings container in the root of the GeoDMS project configuration. These settings become obsolete in the config.ini file.

The config.ini file is located in the configDir.

Sections group settings under a section-key-name. Section-key-names are configured between square brackets.

After making changes to the config.ini file it is not enough to reload a configuration (Alt-R). The GeoDMS Gui application need to be restarted before the new settings are actived.

Overruling XY order in point functions

In two-dimensional (coordinate) attributes, the default order in the GeoDMS, due to historical reasons is: Column number, Row number (in mathematical/graphical terms Y, X).

In most world coordinate system the order used is X, Y.

Within the section [general], the defaut order can be overruled to X, Y with the following rule:


This setting effects the results of all point functions used in your configuration.

Overruling folders

The default values for the localDataDir/SourceDataDir are not always usable, e.g.:

  • If users do not have access rights to a local C drive.
  • If multiple projects with the same name are installed (each project need to refer to a unique localDataProjDir folder).

In the config.ini file the default values for folders can be overruled. Within the section [directories], the localDataProjDir can e.g. be set to: G:\OV\Nl_later by configuring the following rule:


Placeholders can also be used in the configi.ini, e.g. the localDataProjDir can be configured to the projDir with the following rule:


The default values for the projDir, dataDir and CalcCacheDir can be overruled in the same manner. This is usually not necessary for installed projects.For more information on the these folders, see Folders and Placeholders

Visible Tools

Section: [tools]

By default, all map view tools are visible in the GeoDMS GUI toolbar when a Map View is active. The NrGroups parameter determines which tool groups will be visible.


for only the basic tools for zooming, panning, copying and exporting


for the basic set and the tools for making selections


for all tools (default value), which includes the tools for setting values and drawing in raster data.

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