The BRK extract is used to convert the downloaded .gml files from PDOK to for GeoDMS useable .fss files. 


The BRK extract consists of simply one tool:

  • Gml2FSS -> To make the BRK available in a format suitable for modelling.


  • GeoDMS version 7.130 or later, see Setup
  • Internal ram: 16 Gb or more (as the BKR is a very large dataset)
  • Hard disk space: 70 Gbyte or more
  • Access rights to your LocalDataDir (C:\LocalData) and SourceDataDir (default C:\SourceData). If not, adjust these placeholders within the GeoDMS GUI > Tools > Options.

How to use this script

  1. Download the BRK file from PDOK
  2. Extract the .gml files from the .zip file to a local folder, with naming convention: %SourceDataDir%/BRK/date:
    • The %SourceDataDir% is a placeholder for the SourceData folder on your local disk. By default the path: C:/SourceData is used. You can choose another path for your SourceData, but then you have to configure this new path in the GeoDMSGUI > Tools > Options > SourceDataDir control.
    • Use for the date placeholder the date of your download with as format: yyyymmdd.
  3. Open the Gml2FSS.dms file from the script (in the cfg subfolder of your chosen project folder) in a text editor, configure the date of your download (see 2) in line 68 for the parameter date (yyyymmdd) and save your file.
  4. Now open Gml2FSS.dms using GeoDMS and navigate to /Brondata/BRK/import/perceel_fss/src/AKRKADASTRALEGEMEENTECODE and double click on it (this might take a while to calculate!). This is necersary to generate the perceel.gfs file, this file contains the geometry of the dataset.
  5. Open the newly-generated perceel.gfs file in a text editor. You'll find this file in %SourceDataDir%/BRK/date and edit the following lines.

    at the top:
     <GeometryType> 1 </GeometryType> 
     <!--   <GeometryType> 1 </GeometryType> --> 

    and change nearly at the bottom:
             <Name>begrenzing </Name>
             <ElementPath>begrenzingPerceel </ElementPath>
             <Type>Polygon </Type>
  6. Make sure that in the %SourceDataDir%/CBS/2018/ the file gem_2018.shp is present. This file contains the municipal borders and a .dbf file with a field called GM_CODE. This file can be downloaded here.
  7. Now open Gml2FSS.dms using GeoDMS again and double click on MaakPerceelFSSBestand, this will generate the perceel data in a fss storage including CBS municipal codes. Located in: SourceDataDir/BRK/date/perceel_new.fss. This process will take quite some time.
  8. Using the read_target item you can view the results, if all went correct, rename perceel_new.fss into perceel.fss.


The BRK extract is available under GNU-GPL version 3 license, see www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html for more information.


  • The BRK extract scripts can be downloaded here. Extract the files from the zip file in your GeoDMS project folder.

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