Values units describe data items with a similar range of values. This makes these units suitable for the configuration of a (default) classification schemes. If such a scheme is configured for a values unit, it is by default applied in the Map view of the GUI for each data item with this unit configured as values unit.

The cdf property is used to configure such a classification schemes to a values unit. Refer the cdf property to the data item with the class breaks of a classification. The values unit of this data item need to be the same as the values unit for which the cdf property is configured.

The default classification can be overruled for a data item, by configuring the cdf property for the data item for which the classification needs to be overruled.


unit<uint32> meter := BaseUnit('Meter',float32)
, cdf = "m_dist/ClassBreaks"

unit<uint8> m_dist: nrofrows = 3
attribute<meter> ClassBreaks: DialogType = "Classification",
   [   0, 1000, 2500];
   attribute<uint32> BrushColor:  DialogType = "BrushColor",
      [rgb(  0,192,  0),rgb( 51,205,  0),rgb(102,217,  0)];
   attribute<string> Label: DialogType = "LabelText",
      ['0 .. 1 km','1 .. 2 km',,'>=2.5 km'];

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