The value(avalues unit) function is used to configure the values unit of data item or constant a. Since GeoDMS 5.97 a[values unit] is synonym for value(a, values unit).

Since GeoDMS version 7.015 the value function can be used to translate the values of one coordinate system to another, which can for example be used to make a relational attribute towards a grid domain.


The value function is a synonym for the convert function.The value function is used to define a values unit for new items. The convert function is used to convert data items to new value types.

applies to

Data item with Numeric, Point, uint2, uint4 or bool value type


  1. The value function is not (yet) implemented to cast integer units to string units (use the string function instead).
  2. The number of dimensions of the resulting value type should match with the source value type (e.g. a single dimension uint32 data item can not be casted to a double dimensional fpoint data type).

since version



1. parameter<euro> amount := value(7, euro);
2. parameter<euro> amount := 7[euro];
With these expressions, the GeoDMS becomes aware that the values of this item are expressed in euros (with the value type and metric as configured for the euro values unit). The item can now be e.g. be summed with other data items in euros, but not with other data items expressed e.g. in kg.

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