The model logic of a GeoDMS application is stored in a set of configuration files. Configuration files are ASCII files which can be edited with any ASCII editor. It is advised to use an editor that supports line and column positions, like the Crimson Editor (http://www.crimsoneditor.com, we advice version 3.70, see also Source Code Development) or Notepad ++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org).

In this chapter a generic structure of a GeoDMS configuration is presented. This structure is not obligatory, however it is advised to configure (complex) models in similar way as it results from the experience of multiple projects. The example results from a LandUseScanner application.

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figure 1, the main configuration structure of a LandUseScanner application

The figure shows how a configuration is presented in the GeoDMS GUI. In a treeview, comparable to a Windows Explorer, the items are presented hierachically.

The root item is presented with a folder icon and the name of the project, in this case LandUseScanner. The next level presents ten folders (in GeoDMS terminology called containers). They contain relevant items for the application, described in the following parts of this modeller's guide.

For different types of items, different icons are used (See paragraph 3.2 of the User Guide)

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