The GeoDMS is developed for geographic (spatial) calculations, modeling and visualisation. Functions are available to calculate with geographic data and the GUI contains a map view to visualise this type of data. More information on this map view can be found in the User Guide.

Data structures

The GeoDMS supports two (geographic) data structures:

1. Grid: in a grid each element represents the value of a cell in a two-dimensional domain. Each cell is defined by a row and column position. In the GeoDMS the id of a grid domain has a value type from the PointGroup, expressed as local grid coordinates. To visualise the data in a map view, a relation is needed from the grid domain towards the coordinate system of the map view. 

2. Vector: a representation of geographical features by vectors. The attribute referring to the vector coordinates is called the feauture attribute. Usually the coordinates are expressed in a world coordinate system, it might be necessary to convert these coordinates first to the coordinate system used in the Map View. The GeoDMS supports the following types of vector geometries:

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