The GeoDMS can read and write data from an own primary data format, called FSS, with the FSS StorageManager. This format has the following advantages:

  1. It is a binary, fast format.
  2. It can store vector, grid and non spatial data.
  3. It supports the hierarchical structures of GeoDMS configurations.
  4. It support both storing and reading tiled/segmented data.

The disadvange of the format is that is is only supported by the GeoDMS. We therefore advice to use the FSS format within or in between GeoDMS projects. If the data need to be exchanged to other environments, use other data formats.

In earlier GeoDMS versions also a CFS StorageManager was available, but this is obsolete functionality. The FSS format is preferable, so use the FSS StorageManager instead. 


Writing FSS:
unit<uint32> place := XML/woonplaats/ParsedXML/bag_LVC_Woonplaats
, StorageName= "= FSSDir + '/place.fss'"
attribute<rdc_mm> geom (polygon):= XML/woonplaats/geoBuilder/result;
   attribute<string> id         := bag_LVC_identificatie;
   attribute<string> name        := bag_LVC_woonplaatsNaam;

   container meta
   attribute<string> status (..) := bag_LVC_woonplaatsStatus;
Reading FSS:
unit<uint32> place
:   StorageName     = "= FSSDir + '/place.fss'"
, StorageReadOnly = "True"
attribute<geometries/rdc_mm> geom (polygon);
   attribute<string>            id;
   attribute<string>            name;

   container meta
   attribute<string> status (..);

The three attributes geom, id and name are stored as files with their name and .dmsdata extension in the woonplaats.fss folder (or with their name and a consecutive number in case of tiled/segmented data) .

The attribute status is stored in a subfolder woonplaats.fss/meta. If data is stored in such subfolders, reading the data from the fss files requires this same hierarchy in your configuration (as in the example).

The value types of the attributes read from the fss files need to match with the value types of the writing configuration script. Use this script to determine these value types and the hierarchy of the fss storage.

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