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A live demo of the results is available at: http://www.objectvision.nl/kml/schgp7.htm



DEN HAAG - The "WoonAward 2008" of the region Haaglanden was won by a project in Scheveningen, in which the WoonZorgWelzijn Verkenner was used. 


The WoonZorgWelzijn Verkenner is in use in a project in a district of the city The Hague to explore the current potential for residential care zoning. The project was initiated by Scheveningen Vierkwart, a cooperation of care and welfare providers and housing cooperations in the district. Within the broad approach of the Scheveningen Vierkwart project, the WoonZorgWelzijn Verkenner was used for an explorative spatial research on the demographic/socio economic profile and the potential for residential care zones.
Hulschebosch Management Advies is responsible for the project management.


  • Demographic analyses and projections at neighboorhoud and grid level
  • Socio-economic data
  • Distance analyses to multiple services
  • Zoning related to demographic distribution
  • Analysis of walking paths


The "Scheveningen Vierkwart" project started in the beginning of 2005, the first results were available in the summer of 2005. In 2007, 2010 and 2012 the project results were updated.


The first project result was a spatial overview of demand and supply in the field of care and welfare services. In the future the aim is to achieve a common scenario for an integral planning of these services. The WoonZorgWelzijn Verkenner can be used to analyse and visualise scenario alternatives to support the decision process.

The results of the project are also presented on a web site, http://www.ScheveningenVierkwart.nl

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