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 Multiple documents and articles are written on the Ruimtescanner. A selection can de found here:

RIVM rapport: De Ruimtescanner, geintegreerd ruimtelijk informatiesysteem voor de simulatie van toekomstig ruimtegebruik
LUM cover Land Use Modelling in Planning Practice, edited by: Eric Koomen and Judith Borsboom-van Beurden, 2011.
alt Ruimtescanner, Nederlandse Geografische Studies, NGS 242, Nederlandse Geografische Studies.


Land Use Scanner: an integrated GIS-based model for long term projections of land use in urban and rural area Hilferink, M. & P. Rietveld (1998), Tinbergen Institute discussion paper TI 98-108/3 Amsterdam/Rotterdam.

Also published in: Journal of Geographical Systems, 1(2): 155-177, 1999. This paper describes the structure of the Land Use Scanner, with emphasis on its mathematical formulation.
SimulatingLand-useChange in a Regional Planning Context Simulating Land-use Change in a Regional Planning Context, Eric Koomen, Arjen Koekoek and Egbert Dijk, 26 mei 2010.
Modelling land-use change for spatial planning support Modelling land-use change for spatial planning support, Eric Koomen, Piet Rietveld and Ton de Nijs, 6 september 2007.
CharacterisingUC Characterising urban concentration and land-use diversity in simulations of future land use, Jan Ritsema van Eck and Eric Koomen, 25 juli 2007.


Online Ruimtescanner publications are also available at the VU/FEWEB/Spinlab website. Click here and select the publications page.

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