Land Use Scanner




The Land Use Scanner (in Dutch: Ruimtescanner) is a framework for Land Use change modelling.In the last fifteen years it has been and is used for various spatial planning projects. The EUClueScanner is the European variant of the Land Use Scanner. Both frameworks use our GeoDMS software.


  • Netherlands scale: 500 meter grid level (approximately 193.000 cells) or 100 meter grid level (approximately 3.300.000 cells)
  • Land use classes for urban, nature, argicultural and water
  • Claims at several regional levels (corop, province, agricultural region)

Allocation methods

  1. a logit based model to calculate probabilities of future Land Use.This method uses an Iterative Proportional Fitting procedure to make the allocated Land Use fit with the given regional Land Use claims.
  2. a discrete allocation method that generates an allocation with maximum total suitability within the constraints of the regional Land Use claims.This method uses a scaling algorithm for the Semi Assignment Problem.

Student Edition

The Student Edition of the Land Use Scanner can be downloaded here.


The Land Use Scanner is used in the following projects:


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