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The Land Use Scanner Student Edition provides an example model configuration and the required geographic data (based on a 500m x 500m grid) dedicated for doing the Land Use Modelling assignment and for experimenting with Land Use change Modelling. It does not contain a calibrated model for Land Use change, but it will allow you to specify your own rules and preferences for Land Use changes.

The Student Edition has a model configuration for 5 allocatable Land Use Types (residential, industrial, recreational, agriculture, nature&forest) and 4 exogenous Land Use Types (infrastructure, water, exterior, and other), of which the Land Use (change) is explicitly specified in the model configuration. For the four scenario's that are described in the assignment (A1, B1, A2, B2), this model configuration contains 4 sets of different regional Land Use claims and 4 model configuration files for the specification of suitability maps for the allocatable Land Use Types. All factors other than the current Land Use for all 4 scenario's have been set to 0. You can specify your own rules by filling in other factor-prices. The Student Edition contains cases for the 4 scenario's that use the logit based continuous and the discrete allocation.
In contrast, the most recent full version of the Dutch Land Use Scanner contains also:

  • allocation with different regional divisions of the claims;
  • 27 allocatable and 11 exogenous Land Use Types;
  • all geographic data on a 100m x 100m level;
  • full specification of the suitability maps for each of the 27 allocatable Land Use Types for each of the 4 scenario's.

For information on making use of the full Dutch version of the Land Use Scanner, contact the PBL. For information on setting up a land use model for a different study area, contact Object Vision.

Copyright Notice and License Conditions

The LandUse Scanner instrument is part of the Lumos Toolkit and is developed by the following partners of the LUMOS consortium:

For the copyright notice and licese conditions of the GeoDMS software click here.


The geographic data and calculation rules (as represented in the .dms configuration files) are provided for educational purposes only and are not suitable for actual planning purposes.

For the disclaimer of the GeoDMS software click here.

Downloads and Installation

The Land Use Scanner Student Edition is available as zip file and can be downloaded here. This zip file contains the GeoDMS setup software (version 7.174 or 7.130 for 32-bit computers), the model configuration and the source data.

After downloading, extract all files from this zip to an empty project folder. Next install the GeoDMS software with the setup program in the LUS_500m/setup folder of the chosen project folder. If needed, see also Installation Instructions for how to install the GeoDMS software. 

Start the installed GeoDMSGui software. A message box with the text: file not found is presented. Browse to the cfg subfolder of the of the chosen project folder. Select demo.dms and click Open. The Student Edition configuration is now loaded.

Documentation on this Student Edition can be found here:

Furthermore a GoogleEarth presentation of allocated landuse (.zip file containing .mkz file, 40 kb) is available. To view this presentation, first install GoogleEarth. After opening the .kmz file with GoogleEarth (just open it from this .zip file), you'll fly to the Netherlands and see Land Use per Type in the year 2000 in a 500m x 500m grid. It is half transparent. This .kmz also contains a layer with projected Land Use for 2030, based on the B1 scenario as calculated by this Student Edition, but this layer is initially completely transparent. To change the transparency of the past and projected Land Use, select one of the layers shown in your GoogleEarth legend under "Temporary Places", and move the transparency slider below the legend.

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